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HPO Center of Africa

HPO Center for Africa brings global knowledge on what drives organizational performance to Africa.

Our services include:

  • High Performance Organization (HPO) Diagnosis  
  • High Performance Partnership (HPP) Diagnosis  
  • Workshops & Seminars  
  • HPO Masterclass  

The HPO Framework is a conceptual, scientifically validated model that managers can use for determining the key issues in improving the performance of their organizations. It is not a framework that should be followed blindly. Rather, it has to be adapted to the type of industry in which they are active, and to the organizational context. Blueprints unfortunately do not exist. Our approach enables you to outcompete any competitors, and become and remain the best in business. In athletics the fastest runner takes gold even if he outpaces his competitors by the tiniest of margins. An HPO diagnosis is your perfect training on your way to the top.

The HPO model has five dimensions:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Openness & Action Orientation
  • Management Quality
  • Employee Quality
  • Long-Term Orientation.

Our ongoing global research has led to HPO+ models, with additional dimensions tailored to the characteristics of the industry. Whether you are a for-profit organization, a public service organization, an NGO or a microfinance institution, we are here to help you achieve sustainable high performance.     

Our Team

Robert Goedegebuure, PhD

Robert Goedegebuure, PhD

Academic Associate

Andre de Waal, PhD

Andre de Waal, PhD

HPO Expert